Is It Possible To Breed Mollies With Guppies?


Yes, It is possible for molly fish and guppy fish to breed. Both guppies and mollies are members of the same family and both are live-bearers. They don’t lay eggs and give birth directly to live swimming babies called fry. Basically mollies and guppies are closely related to each other and can breed to deliver more number of fishes. Like guppies mollies can also get pregnant multiple times after first mating and can deliver multiple batches of babies.


Although mollies have some special requirements to get pregnant, they prefer warmer water than other fishes of at least 80 degrees Fahrenheit and comparatively more salinity in the water.

Breeding Mollies With Guppies

Breeding of mollies with guppies begin with selecting the fish with specific color, shape, size, pattern and tail type. It is advisable to to consult a breeder for getting more healthier fish as compared to ordering from a fish pet shop. Parents should be given highly nutritious foods to keep them active while mating and during the pregnancy so that the babies born are of high quality and should have a high chance of survival. Also make sure you separate parents from the babies as soon as they are born, as they can turn cannibalistic and eat their own babies. You can also fill the aquarium with heavy planting which will provide hiding space to the babies. Also make sure you keep the temperature warmer and clean the fish tank for removal of impurities and dust. Also make sure you use a filter which is very gentle and has sponge so that babies might not get stuck to its intake.


Selective Breeding Of Mollies And Guppies

Selective breeding is performed to develop new babies with desired trait as of their parents. In this breeding method parents are selected to provide a certain desirable trait to their children. It can help in gaining a desired design trait more consistently than any other method of breeding. This is a lengthy process and usually take multiple iterations, tanks and time until the desired trait is obtained.

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