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Should You Keep Your Guppies Lonely Or With Other Fishes In Tank


Keeping guppies alone or with other fish species in the tank is a matter of personal choice. Some prefer to keep them alone while some prefer to keep other fishes along with guppies in the same aquarium fish tank.


Choices can vary from person to person as some might have enough space to keep other fish pets while some may not, some may like other fishes while other might not.

Keeping Guppy Alone Will Make It Lonely ?

People often fear that if they keep single guppy fish in their fish tank it will feel all lonely by itself. Also if they keep multiple guppies together they might breed at a rapid rate and fish tank doesn’t have enough space to accommodate new baby guppies. So it becomes very necessary to know that whether a guppy can survive on being alone by itself or it should be kept with other guppies or other fish species.

Less Fish Means Less Maintenance ?

Mostly people keep single guppy in their fish tank often prefer to keep male guppy as their pets as they poses more bright and vibrant colors when compared to female guppies. Male guppies look stunningly beautiful with fantastic and deep color tones.


It’s possible to keep guppies alone as it is comparatively easy to look after one guppy in your tank as you can give your full attention to this one guppy. You can keep it safe for a longer period of time instead of multiple guppies that requires special attention to control and manage. You can use different colorful plants and other accessories which will fulfill the absence of other fishes in the tank.

Opt For Guppy Males Instead Of Guppy Females

Another reason you should opt for male guppy instead of females as female guppy might be pregnant at the time of purchase from the shop and could give birth to several other baby guppies in your fish tank. If you have decided to buy a female guppy to keep it alone, please do cross check to identify whether its pregnant or not. Guppies can give birth to several fishes after mating just one time. Due to their this capability they are called million fish.



If you wish to keep other guppies in the fish tank please make sure that you have separate tanks for male and female guppies as they can start breeding and tank will eventually overflow with introduction of new baby guppies. Also if you wish to keep fish of other species along with guppies, make sure they are compatible with guppies and are not aggressive in nature which can adversely affect the health of your guppies.

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