Guppy Fish Types

15 Different Type Of Guppies On Basis Of Their Tail Patterns


Guppy Fish (Poecilia reticulata) is one of the most popular and widely distributed tropical fish around the world. It is among the most popular freshwater aquarium fish species.

Guppies were originated from South America and has been introduced to many habitats and is now widely available around different parts of the world.

Guppies are very popular for their attractive appearance and eye catching looks and are also very easy to maintain and keep as pet. Therefore they are the favorite choice of fish lovers for keeping them in their fish aquariums.

Guppies have undergone a numerous phases of evolution and a number of breeding of different species, some of them have been genetically modified to gain desired colors, looks and features due to which there are over thousands of different species of guppies are available with different shapes, sizes, colors, tail patterns and skins.

While most of the species of guppies are easily available and have a low price, Most of the rarest ones are very difficult to find and may cost millions of rupees due to their high demand.

Different Types Of Guppy Fish On Basis Of Their Tails Patterns

1) Fantail Guppy Fish


Fantail Guppies are also known as Fancy Guppies. They have tails that have a similar shape that of a fan and therefore named fantail guppies. Generally their tails can be very large in size which gives them a very unique character of their own. Fantail guppies look very pretty and have a style and ambiance of their own. Fantail Guppies can show a wide variation of colors and shades. Fantail Guppies that have their tails wider and larger than their overall body seeks great demand. They are also very easy to maintain. Due to their wider tails fantail guppies are slow swimmers but looks fantastic while swimming.

2) Lyre Tail Guppy Fish


Lyre Tail Guppies are one of the most attractive looking varieties of guppy fish. They are genetically advanced breed of guppy fish or a cross breed of double tail guppies and sword tail guppies. They have a lyre tail which seems as two different tails but actually they are connected through a very small membrane that connects it across both the parts of the tail. The tail of Lyre Tail Guppies often resembles two swords that are facing each other.  Lyre Tail Guppies show a wide variation of colors and matures very quickly which makes it a perfect choice for beginning hobbyists. The males of lyre tail guppy has green, silver and red body with shades of yellow color over their fins and delta tail.


3) German Platinum Crown Tail Guppy Fish


German Platinum Crown Tail Guppies have their origins from Germany. They have platinum as their body color and almost 85% of their body is covered with it while the rest of the body can show a wide variations of colors. They have a tail which is very similar to that of a Crown or a comb. They are the only fish in guppy family to poses such kind of tail. To be honest they look a little weird and ugly with such tail arrangement. But they are still very favorable for researchers and breeders for developing more genetically advanced guppies.

4) Veil Tail Guppy Fish


Veil Tail Guppies have a tail which is shaped just like an isosceles triangle with each side inclined at 45 degrees. They look very impressive and one of the fastest swimmers in the guppy family. They can show wide variations of colors and skin patterns. They are very easy to maintain and are easily available across the world. Therefore are the best choice for pet fish keepers.


5) Sword Tail Guppy Fish


Sword tail Guppies are the most unique type of guppies as their tails are very different from any other guppy in the guppies family. Their tail is long and very narrow which resembles a sword hence the name sword tail guppy. What’s interesting is body of sword tail guppy is also very long and narrow and is sometimes mistaken to be sword fish with its slender shape. Sword tail guppies can either have a single sword or double sword which further classified it into single sword tail guppy and double sword tail guppy. Sword tail guppies have longer lifespan when compared with other guppies in the family.

6) Round Tail Guppy Fish


Round Tail Guppies are among one of the first guppies to come from a wild guppy type. They have a very unique circular shape tail that seems like a ball or circle. These type of guppies generally have medium size. They can show a wide variety of colors and their tints. Overall they look very attractive and are best suited for keeping in freshwater aquariums. They are also very easy to maintain.


7) Pin/Needle Tail Guppy Fish


Pin or Needle Tail Guppies are one of the most easy to identify class of guppy fishes as they poses a pin or needle shaped tail. As both dorsal and caudal fin contains long, thin and pointed tips similar to that of a sharp needle. They look very attractive as they can poses several color variations. They have a beauty of their own that no other guppy in the family has. They are maintenance free and therefore seeks high demand for aquariums.

8) Flag Tail Guppy Fish


Flag Tail Guppies have a very unique rectangular shaped tail. Generally they are very small in size and swims very fast. Their rectangular tail moves forward and back and resembles a flying flag. They are named after their these exceptional swimming pattern. To be honest, they look better in groups and pairs and watching them swim is a exceptional experience.


9) Spear Tail Guppy Fish


Spear Tail Guppies has a tail that looks similar to a tip of a spear, hence its named that way. It is an very unusual type of tail and not exceptionally large. It has a very distinct shape and look which gives guppies of these family a very unique character and shape.

10) Fire Tail Guppy Fish


Fire Tail Guppies are named after their mesmerizing tail that looks similar to a light of fire due to presence of red and orange colors on the edge of its tail.  Fire Tail Guppy Fish is one of the brightest eye catching fish in the guppy family due to its beautiful variations of colors. They are simple the best choice to enhance the overall ambiance of a fish aquarium.


11) Delta Tail Guppy Fish


Delta Tail Guppies have a very unique triangular shaped tail which is similar to that of a delta. Delta Tail Guppy Fish can flare out delta tails with at least 70 degrees angle which is surprisingly good to open open up more areas and it is one of the most delightful fish to look at. They can show wide variations of colors and combinations. Though they are slow swimmers, they certainly seek respect for the beautiful look they poses.

12) Mosaic Tail Guppy Fish


Mosaic Tail Guppies are very unique member of guppy family. They have a very irregular pattern of dots and colors spread across their tails almost seems like a abstract or mosaic painting. Therefore they are named this way. Sometimes the dots and spots on their tails are connected with each other in a very unique pattern which surprisingly looks very attractive. They come in variety of colors and tints and finding one with good pattern is a hustle as they have looks which one’s either likes it or hates it.


13) Lace Tail Guppy Fish


Lace Tail Guppies have a pattern that looks like a fine web. Generally a guppy with snakeskin pattern on its body and tail often has a lace tail. The lace tail guppy fish has a very beautiful, delicate looking tail that can easily resemble a fan.

14) Leopard Tail Guppy Fish


Leopard Tail Guppies are one of the most unique fish in the guppy family. Their tail has large dark spots which resembles a leopard hence the name. They are very attractive and look elegant while swimming. They seek a huge demand due to their easy availability and maintenance free caring. They can show multiple color shades and their variations.


15) Grass Tail Guppy Fish


Grass Tail Guppies has a tail similar to that of leopard tail guppies but it has a finer pattern in comparison. The tiny dots on the tail are very small and resembles grass seeds. They can be of any color, but due to presence of dots they are known as grass tail guppies.

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